Care Information

Care Information

Kulture Cashmere Designs


Wash it by hand in luke-warm water. Soak it in soapy water for a little while, and then swish it around while gently rubbing soiled areas. Then rinse it through two or three times until there’s no more soap left. As you rinse and then finish washing, gently “squish” water through bear until soaked through. NEVER wring or twist. Press excess water out with your hands.

The fabric is sensitive to pressure, and rough handling, especially while wet will cause deformities in the Cashmere weave. Be cautious with bulky, large pieces. They become extremely heavy when they are filled with water.


To Dry, spread it out on a drying rack, but make sure it’s evenly spread across the rack, rather than simply hung, because hanging while wet stretches the fabric.; Another option if you don’t have a rack is just to get a dry towel and let dry on the towel. Reshape dry away from direct heat or sun


Now, your cashmere is clean! But you’ll probably notice a great deal of unsightly wrinkles populating your Cashmeres surface. This is perfectly normal. Just place your precious Cashmere between two towels on medium heat and iron those wrinkles away!

STORAGE wonderful it is to now have a delightfully clean cashmere again! For safe keeping, make sure you store your Cashmere in a way that doesn’t bunch it up. Fold it neatly and either place it on a hanger of keep it on a shelf. Moths are attracted to natural fibers, especially when they are dirty or stained